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Datamart, Emailing, SMS, Marketing Automation... Discover the main features of the wewmanager solution.

How to easily create a form and a segment for a marketing campaign
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Datamart & connectivity

Centralize your marketing data

  • Host your contacts lists and customize your database
  • Synchronize your wewmanager Datamart securely with multiple applications on the market – Salesforces, Microsoft Dynamics, e-commerce site … – (Zapier, Webhook, API / webservices)
  • Manage your lists independently (multi-list management)

Segment and qualify your contacts

  • Segment on several levels of criteria: profile, events, behaviors
  • Automatically qualify your contacts with their interests
  • Refine your segments with E-mail scoring

Develop contacts acquisition

  • Create responsive, customizable contact forms on your landing pages
  • Ensure a collection and contact management strategy in accordance with the European General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR)
How to create and plan an Email marketing Campaign with wewmanager
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E-mail & SMS Marketing Campaigns

Create & send your E-mail & SMS campaigns

  • A Responsive Design editor to create your e-mailing and landing pages in a few minutes, without any HTML knowledge. 90 templates models and a library of free images, Copyright free, to inspire you.
  • Test and visualize your campaigns on different screen formats (computers, tablets, smartphones)
  • Automatically shorten links in your SMS campaigns
  • Personalize Emails & SMS messages with a dynamic content and your routing parameters

Measure your ROI Marketing

  • Analyze your email & SMS performance with ready-to-use statistical modules and segment by contact profiles
  • Monitor your deliverability and sender reputation with your dedicated dashboard (feedback loops, dedicated servers & IPs, reputation)
  • Master your marketing pressure General European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
How to create and plan an Email marketing Campaign with wewmanager
Example of a marketing automation scenario with wewmanager
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Marketing Automation

Create multi-channel scenarios

  • Adapt your communication to your customers’ journey (welcome message, abandoned cart, birthday, inactivity, …)
  • Benefit from a wizard in order to easily create and manage your automated campaign scenarios
  • Send multi-channel marketing campaigns (E-mail, SMS, Phone, FTP, Call Center, Printer, …)

Enhance the performance of Marketing Automation

  • Automate your marketing actions according to your recipients’ behaviors and data (opening, click rate, goal achievement, data updated via a form, …)
  • Set the goals for your marketing scenarios to analyze their effectiveness and measure your operations’ ROI
How to adjust the marketing pressure on your contacts list
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Data Analysis & Data Mining

Develop your customer knowledge

  • Improve the understanding of the behavior of your contacts on a specific topic or offer to improve your communications
  • Analyze the RFO (Opening Frequency Rate) and RFC (Click Frequency Rate) scoring depending on your recipients’ interests (cold, lukewarm, warm, very warm response)

Make the right decisions to optimize your campaigns

  • Automatically enrich your data to refine your segments and improve your campaigns targeting
  • Adapt your marketing communications with the addition of aggregates related to marketing pressure and behaviors
How to adjust the marketing pressure on your contacts list
How to schedule a post on social media with wewmanager
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Social networks

Drive your social media from a single interface

  • Your 3 main social networks grouped together (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Easily manage your articles, links and images in one place
  • Monitor your different campaigns’ performance (likes, comments, shares)

Save time and optimize your visibility

  • Give a rise to the same information by distributing your publications simultaneously to your communities
  • Anticipate your communications by scheduling your broadcasts, in accordance with your editorial calendar

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