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Why choose wewmanager?

Datamart & connectivity potential Synchronize and centralize your data
Data Analysis & Data Mining Give relevance and performance to your campaigns
Creating simplified campaigns No need for technical knowledge using our Responsive Design editor
Marketing Automation Easily Automate multi-channel scenarios
Deliverability & Security service A team dedicated to the deliverability, reputation and security of customer data
Customer support policy Marketing consultancy, graphic & digital studio, trainings at your disposal
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The modular solution which places Data and customers at the heart of your digital strategy!
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The Omnichannel Marketing Automation Modular Suite

One of our consultants using the wewmanager Marketing Automation platform

Datamart & connectivity

Centralize all your data securely and place your customer knowledge at the heart of your digital marketing strategy in order to create relevant campaigns.

Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

E-mail messages, landing pages, advanced customization… Easily create the different elements of your personalized campaigns thanks to a performant Responsive Design editor.

Marketing Automation

Simply create automated multi-channel scenarios which align with your customers’ and prospects’ journeys and visualize them for a better control. Focus on the strategy, your goals and the results!

Data analysis & Data Mining with wewmanager

Data Analysis & Data Mining

A real decision tool, wewmanager accompanies you through the improvement of your customer knowledge by relying on the behavioral analysis of your segments of contacts and the available Email Scoring.

Social networks

Save time and efficiency by centralizing the distribution of your publications on your main social networks. Schedule your editorial calendar, anticipate and monitor your results on a single interface.

Data analysis & Data Mining with wewmanager

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